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Everything you need to know about The Beauty Dropoff at Ulta Stores

Ulta JUST announced they have teamed with Pact Collective to give your beauty empties a second life! Together, they're reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainability.

Pact Collective writes120 billion beauty packages are created every year.

"Did you know that the majority will most likely end up in landfill, incinerators, or the ocean? Beauty packaging is often too small, too flexible, or made of too many materials to be recycled through traditional curbside recycling systems. Through The Beauty Dropoff Bins in partnership with Pact, we can help reduce the amount of hard-to-recycle beauty packaging ending up as waste." - Pact Collective

Pact specializes in gathering beauty packaging that's difficult to recycle, such as small tubes and caps


  • CLEAN THE EMPTIES: Make sure your empties are clean, unbagged, and free of liquid to ensure they can be accepted and processed by Pact. Check out Pact's Guide for tips on properly cleaning your empties before recycling!

  • CHECK THE RECYCLING GUIDELINES: Research where your empties belong – whether it's Pact, curbside recycling, or the trash. Check out Ulta's Packaging Drop-Off Guide before your next trip to Ulta Beauty for effortless recycling.

  • DROP THEM OFF: Once you've determined if your empties can be recycled at Ulta, drop them off! Certain locations have recycling bins; check out which store recycling bins are closest to you.


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