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Tresluce Beauty has Released a New Palette … Here’s what you need to know!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It's live! The Dulce Vida palette from Tresluce Beauty is available for purchase on their website.

First impression: it looks stunning.

To be honesty, it looks almost "split" with one side being colorful and the other being more neutral leaning.... and I am HERE FOR IT 👏🏻 Palettes that are split like this bring a versatility for the everyday makeup consumer. It gives them a chance to play with color and neutrals.

The palette feature 18 shades, with two water-activated cake liners right in the palette - that'll be fun 🤩 The color story, illustrations and shade names are inspired by Latin-American treats.

Tresluce Beauty is vegan friendly and cruelty free, as well as independently owned by Becky G!

Once upon a time, I tried Tresluce and featured a complete review of the brand, brushes and tried the I am Alma palette!

Tresluce Beauty was sent to me via a boxycharm a year ago and I was impressed with the formula, and quality. Their larger eyeshadow palettes are at a super affordable price -- typically $30.

The brand is also sold at Ulta Beauty, however, the new palette is not listed yet, as of June 13th. I wonder if we will see it come to Ulta soon?


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