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The WORST #Makeup of 2022 #worstmakeupof2022

The WORST Makeup of 2022! Avoid this makeup If you can, It's so bad!

I couldn't believe I actually had so many products to tell you about that are just not worth your money! These are some of the worst of beauty 2022.

xoxo Staci

✔ T H E W O R S T M A K E U P O F 2 0 2 2:

• Essence Poreless Skin Blurring Putty Primer

• Maybelline Whipped Matte Makeup 4-in-1 Perfector

• ELF Putty Bronzer

• Tarte Tubing Mascara

• LA Girl Biggie Lash Tubing Mascara

• Colourpop BFF Billy Butcherson Mascara

• Kiss Magnetic Lash Liner

• SHEIN Hi-brow Shaping Wax

• Colourpop So Juicy Plumping Lip Gloss


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