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THESE Are Makeup Trends to Expect in Summer 2024!

Dearest Gentle Makeup Readers, to the wacky world of makeup trends - from the past to the future! Today, we dive into the time machine of beauty to compare the bold makeup stylings of 2016 with the subtle makeup predictions for 2024 . Buckle up your mascara, and let's ride this lipstick rollercoaster!

Makeup Trends

In 2016, the beauty scene was all about contouring and those mesmerizing cut creases. Fast forward to 2024, and we're talking about glitter beards and galaxy freckles...? (Who saw that one coming?) Who knew makeup could be so galactically goofy?

  • Remember the fierce debate over matte vs. gloss in 2016? Well, hold onto your false lashes because in 2024, we're throwing holographic glitter into the mix! Your lips will shine brighter than a disco ball.

In all reality, makeup trends over the past (almost) decade have drastically changed. We are seeing an uptick in the use of 'glitter' in terms of wet eyeshadow looks, as well as viral beard glitter during the 2023 holidays. 2024 entered the playing field following a strong trend of 'natural makeup' but amped up the game a little by incorporating 'wet' eyeshadows - prime examples is the late 2023 release of the Natasha Denona "I Need A Nude" palette which featured an exact formula like this.

Has anyone noticed a shift from eyeshadow palettes being the craze to lipsticks and lip combos taking over the internet? One and done, single shadows that are an easy - wipe-on technique for simple on-the-go glam? With summer 2024 around the corner, Everything Beauty is predicting a drastic shift away from eyeshadow palettes altogether and more focused on singles. And, could blush and highlighter palettes be making a possible comeback?

These types of palettes do make travel easier; having everything all in once place. Natasha Denona surely set this trend early with her early spring release of the Hy•per Natural Glam Eye & Face Palette. Could other brands follow suit, offering something more versatile for a younger audience?

Picture this for summer: "wet" looking one-and-done eyeshadows with a touch of glitter to make your eyes sparkle and pop....but that one-and-done isn't too pigmented. Subtle, glossy juicy lips with just a hit of a peach undertone. And soft skin, matte but minimal coverage featuring products such as beauty balms with a boosted SPF factor.

In a world of ever-changing beauty standards, one thing remains constant - the joy of self-expression through makeup. So, whether you're rocking '16 glam or '24 glow, remember to have fun with your face canvas!

Are you ready to step into the time warp of makeup trends? Let's embrace the quirky, celebrate the bold, and paint the town red... or holographic pink! Join the makeup mayhem and let's slay those beauty trends together! Let us know your Summer 2024 Makeup predictions below!

Remember, beauty is not just skin-deep; sometimes, it's glitter-deep!


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