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"Sephora Kids" The Great Debate

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another news segment of Everything Beauty News.

CTV News recently posted on their channel - I will link it down below - the impact that “Sephora Kids” have had on the retail giant. Kelly Gooch and Jen Luvs have also covered this topic - I have linked their respective channels as well.

But why is this such a big deal?

To give you a little background on what "Sephora kids" is - there are two sides to this story. The first side is the ongoing mischief happening in Sephora stores across the country - the United States. Tweens and teens walking into Sephora and leaving chaos in their wake. 

TikTok has blown up with countless videos showing what these tweens are doing to tester products - leaving them destroyed in the store, as well as leaving a general mess overall for the Sephora employees to clean up. 

There has also been a rising concern of these tweens and teens using expensive skincare, that wasn’t made for their skin. Viral TikTok’s showcasing a 9-year-old’s skincare routines with expensive Sephora brands, and others that actually shouldn’t be used on their baby skin at all.

So, why is this such a big deal? 

  1. Kids are incorporating skincare routines that are not recommended for them.  

  2. Kids are destroying Sephora stores for the sake of makeup and skin care.

Here are some helpful resources and more insight into the "Sephora Kids" debacle.

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