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Recent Makeup Releases: We're half-way through the Second Week of June 2023!

This month is just flying by, and the makeup community is a-buzz with all of the recent launches coming!

If you didn't have a chance to see the recent news from over the weekend, we suggest you check out this blog.

The biggest news this week from Everything Beauty News is a recently scam alert we wanted to bring light to:

This new scam is targeting beauty brand followers. Scammers are creating fake accounts the mock the real brand, messaging the brand's followers saying you've won their giveaway.

The scammer continues to badger you to click their links, and send your detailed information to them so they can 'process' the giveaway.

The truth is, this isn't just happening to beauty brands, and those that follow just beauty brands. Across the board, scammers are picking up.

Everything Beauty News' article features tips on what you need to know and do when this happens.

NEW! @moiracosmetics Everlust Shimmer CREAM Shadows Releasing

June 15th, 2023 6.15.23 ⁠


- $7.50 Each⁠

- $66.00 Bundle⁠ features all 10 shades⁠


These look an amazing "one-and-done" formula for summer and we're here for it!


Featuring an easy-to-blend, cream texture that is crease proof 🙌 -- that sounds AMAZING.


Photo Credit: MOIRA Beauty

*not sponsored*

There's a Sale Going at Pat McGrath Labs that You DON'T Want to Miss

Pat McGrath is known as a more luxury brand, that offers highly pigmented, easy to blend eyeshadows. Their formula is often compared to Natasha Denona and prices can range at the ND price or higher.



Three New Duo/Multi-Chrome Quads are available NOW! Head to Glaminatrix Cosmetics' Instagram Profile for links!


Blue/green Quad includes:

- 1 x Baubles Multichrome

- 1 x Serpent Multichrome

- 1 x Fairy Garden Duochrome

- 1 x Oceanic Multichrome.

Retails for $60 AUD / $40 USD!

>> Can you say sirens? These rich green-to-blue tones really remind me of all things MERMAID 🧜‍♀️ Can you imagine these paired with deep, dark blues, greens, purples and a black?


Orange/Yellow quad includes:

- 1 x Twinkle Duochrome

- 1 x Hibiscus Multichrome

- 1 x Old Mate Duochrome

- 1 x Nymph Duochrome.

Retails for $50 AUD / $34 USD!

>> This one reminds me of Fall... the perfect duo/multi-chromes to pair with deep reds, deep browns, and oranges to look like an autumn leaf 🍂 or even a late summer sunset 🌞 (not going to lie, it also reminded me a little bit of Gryffindor...)


Purple/pink Quad includes:

- 1 x Fire Orchid Multichrome

- 1 x Euphoria Multichrome

- 1 x Lustre Duochrome

- 1 x Gleam Duochrome.

Retails for $60 AUD / $40 USD!

>> I couldn't help but think of Unicorns 🦄 and Faeries when I saw this quad! There are so many light airy, ethereal looks you could create with these paired with some pastel or electric mattes!


I would love to see @Glaminatrix_Cosmetics make these into an all-purchasable palette of all 12 shades! #agirlcandream


Photo Credit: Glaminatrix Cosmetics

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So excited that they’ll be bringing back the Muse & Serenity palettes on June 23rd!


These palettes were highly rated by @angeschka — and ranked as a 2022 FAVORITE & BEST of 2022.


Definitely head over to @cosmic_brushes and we will feature *non-affiliated* links on our site come June 23rd!


Currently the only code @everythingbeautynews knows of is @angeschka ‘s code — ANGESCHKA — which I believe gets you 10% off!


Photo Credit: Cosmic Brushes

*not sponsored*


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