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NEW Limited Edition Multi-Chromes Coming to Electrum Cosmetics

Electrum Cosmetics has announced they're launching more of their Misfit shadows TODAY at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

So, what are "misfit multi-chromes"?

Electrum Cosmetics writes: "Misfit Multi-chromes are discounted, limited edition multi-chrome shadows that did not make it on the site as a regularly stocked shadow. Once the shade sells out it, it's gone for good."

Photo Credit: Electrum Cosmetics' Website

These multi-chromes are set to ship next week.

"I will say these are suuuuper sparkly!" Electrum Cosmetics wrote in their recent post.

Swatches will be posted to Electrum's stories and feed today!

Q: Why Misfits? Why are we featuring them? A: Electrum's Misfit Multi-chromes give you a chance to try the formula at a discounted price. While these may be limited edition shadows, they pack a punch and are great additions to your multi-chrome collection.

So, mark your calendars for some highly pigmented, super sparkly misfit multi-chromes from the brand!


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