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Natasha Denona Yucca Palette

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Well, it's here! A new, 15-shade eyeshadow palette from Natasha Denona! Mattes, cream-to-powder, shimmers and duo-chromes of different shades of green make up this stunning eyeshadow palette.

But, do you need it? Everything Beauty News has compiled a list of influencer reviews and tutorials! Here are some of our favorites!

Check out these videos on the Natasha Denona Yucca Palette, and let us know what you think. EBN's review of the Yucca Palette is COMING SOON!

Watch the full playlist of the Yucca Palette here

It is CONSTANTLY being added to as new reviews and tutorials of the Natasha Denona Yucca Palette come out, so check the playlist for updates!

Where to purchase:


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