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Makeup with a Cause: Gourmande Girls' new release of Warriors Wear Pink

Makeup with a Cause: Gourmande Girls' new release of Warriors Wear Pink raises money for Siria Soto, breast cancer awareness.

Gourmande Girls, an independently owned brand in the beauty space, has released a palette in collaboration with creator, Siria Soto. The palette, Warriors Wear Pink was created specifically because Siri is currently battling breast cancer.

"My friend Siria has breast cancer. She asked me if I'd be interested in making a palette with her. Of course, I didn't hesitate," Gourmande Girls stated in an interview.

"Siria is fighting breast cancer and her mother passed from breast cancer. We named the palette Warriors Wear Pink because the pink ribbon is used to honor survivors, remember those we've lost, and to support the progress we've made to defeat breast cancer."

When designing the palette, Gourmand Girls said they knew they wanted to incorporate the pink ribbon on the cover. They didn't want a traditional ribbon, resulting in the hearts you see.

"You can invest in this palette knowing that I shared over five-percent of the proceeds, based on what we've sold so far, with Siria before the palette ever launched in good faith," Gourmande Girls stated. "I hoped that the palette would sell well, but I didn't want to wait and see before I started helping."

According to Gourmande Girls, there is still stock for the palette.

"I hope that I can continue to help [Siria] and her family as [the palettes] continue to sell."

Currently, the palette is still available here - retailing at $54.99* USD. Certain proceeds will also be donated to breast cancer awareness.

"Doodles by the Bunny and I are planning on making a donation to one of the foundations in October," Gourmande Girls stated.

Gourmande Girls said their favorite piece or part of the Warriors Wear Pink palette are the shades named after Siria (@siria_soto93) and Suzy CF Beauty (@suzy_cfbeauty). Suzy CF Beauty is a breast cancer survivor.

"We dedicated the palette to Suzy and to Siria's mom[s] on the back," Gourmande Girls stated.

Photos contributed by Gourmande Girls. All rights reserved, Gourmande Girls.

Everything Beauty News has curated a playlist, all about the Warriors Wear Pink palette from Gourmande Girls:


According to their website, Gourmande Girls is owned and distributed by The Foxy Rose, LLC. The brand is dedicated to bringing you cruelty-free, luxurious cosmetics at affordable prices "that will only make people think you spent a fortune," the website states.

"Our specialities are rich, pigmented eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses and beautiful face products for all skin tones and ethnicities," the website states. "Don't just be girlie, be Gourmande!"




*As of the published date of this article, August 1, 2023, the palette was on sale for $39.99, USD.


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