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Cosmic Brushes Delicious Delights Palette

Delicious Delights from Cosmic Brushes
The Cosmic Brushes Delicious Delights palette, accompanied by the Singe Beauty Brushes and two looks.

It seems to be the general consensus that the new Cosmic Brushes, Delicious Delights palette is a hit among beauty Youtubers.

The Delicious Delights palette features 20 shades complete with 6 metallic shimmers (3 of which are a duo-chrome eyeshadow formula), and 14 matte shades. The palette features pastel, neon and dark rainbow colors for dynamic, dimensional eyeshadow looks.

Cosmic Brushes Describes each shade on their website:

  • Whipped Cream - a soft, matte white

  • Zesty - electric pastel yellow-green matte

  • Minty - soft pastel mint matte

  • Fizzy - soft metallic mint

  • Lollipop - bright, poppy turquoise matte

  • Sprinkles - a high shine, foiled multi-chrome that shifts from bright fuschia to vivid green with gradients of orange and yellow.

  • Smoothie - a bright electric pink matte

  • Candy Floss - a sparkly candy pink metallic

  • Marshmallow - a pastel pink matte

  • Buttercream - a warm pale yellow matte

  • Gingerbread - a warm light orange matte

  • Frosting - a metallic purple and yellow duochrome

  • Milkshake - a bright pastel lilac matte

  • Jelly Bean - a deep fuchsia matte

  • Charms - a deep purple matte

  • Sugarplum - a rich blue to violet duo chrome metallic

  • Sweetie - a cool pastel blue matte

  • Slushy - a bright azure blue matte

  • Ice Pop - a beautiful sky blue matte

  • Delicious - an iridescent metallic with an ultra violet purple to blue shift.

While the palette is currently out of stock, it looks like it may be restocking soon! According to the Cosmic Brushes instagram, a larger restock is expected in 3-ish months.

Everything Beauty news has created an entire playlist dedicated to the Cosmic Brushes Delicious Delights palette. This playlist features mini-reviewers, as well as well-known ones to give you a well-rounded look at the Cosmic Brushes Delicious Delights palette.


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